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Oh no, splitting blogging

2 min read

Another blog engine that interests me is They run their own software called Write Feely.  (open source.) They're 100% writing-focused; no image hosting is built in. The writing environment is beautifully minimalist & distraction-free. I've started using it to do a blog in Esperanto called "Ho, mia blog'" (title is an inside joke for Esperantists). It's basically a Livejournal, where I post personal, work-out-your-feelings type stuff, that I want to put out there but not really publicly. So it's out there, but in a format which very few people who know me can read.

Remember livejournals? That's a kind of writing that doesn't exist so much on the internet anymore. It was a time when the internet itself was a minor veil of obscurity, because not everyone was on there, and things were not (or at least were not known to be) exhaustively surveilled and monetized by sinister tech giants with Sauron eyes. So people would go on there and write like it was a journal, like they were writing for themselves, but they would be quasi-public in that your friends could read it and *theoretically* so could anybody else but why would they?  It's not like it was being "re-blogged" widely or anything.

I wasn't really a livejournaler but I was familiar enough with it to remember what it was like and to realize that it's not a thing that's really done anymore.

Oh, re: writefreely, I tried self-hosting a writefreely instance but I hit some errors and couldn't figure out what was going on and so forgot about it and ended up continuing with this nifty known software. Which is also minimalist and beautiful and easy to use.

Another neat thing about writefreely and - they're both plugged into the Fediverse so people on Maston can subscribe to your blog!