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A brief dip into Wordpress

2 min read

On the theory that it would be nice to have a widely used and standardized and well supported CMS, and feeling iffy about the small install base and such of this software, Known, I tried switching the Mumpsimus to Wordpress.  I'm back!  Less than a day later.  Couple things...

  • The RSS import is apparently broken.  Fails silently.  So I was unable to upload my existing posts here on known to the wordpress install.  It'd have to be a clean slate.
  • The interface is ugly and overcomplicated
  • The typography/design principle seems to be "gigantic headers everywhere" both in the composition screen and the default theme
  • Everything is a plugin, RSS import is a plugin, you even need a plugin to turn *off* gravatars.  This isn't a terrible thing in and of itself, but one of the reasons I was feeling iffy about Known and wp was looking good, is that known has a lot of dependencies (depends on a lot of libraries) and I was feeling like maybe it was kind of fragile.  Well, with wp you're not dependent on a lot of php libraries, you're dependent on a lot of plugins.

Maybe if I gave it a little more time I'd like it but right now I am not down with it for this particular purpose.  I like the attractive interface and simplicity of Known, right out of the box.  It's good stuff.

So I'm back.

If I decide to go back to wp this and all previous posts will disappear because freaking wordpress sucks too bad for me to import them from an RSS export.