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It's visual conlang time!

It's visual conlang time!

Just got a copy of "Teaching and Using Blissymbolics," which is a textbook for people who hope to use blissymbolics for communicating with people with learning difficulties.

However... it contains quotes from the original book on it by Charles Bliss, and it sounds completely bonkers, and I love it, and I need that book.


(next to a square)  "chemical THING . . . outline of the most symmetrical, beautiful form of crystal, already formed at a time, when the hardening earth was in utter chaos."

(next to an inverted V) "physical ACTION . . . indicates in its outline one of the most primeval ACTIONS on earth, the forming of volcanic cones and the thrusting up of mountains."

(next to a V shape) "human EVALUATION . . . the outline of a cone, standing on its top, indicating a very labile position.  The cone may instantly topple over when pushed, and it takes a lot of balancing to keep it in this precarious position.  Just as with many EVALUATIONS of ours, which we hold, and which topple over when challenged."

(next to a pair of outwards-facing parentheses, like ->)(<- these  ): "TIME... the outline of two parabolic mirrors, the one turned backwards to mirror the _past_, the other turnd forward to focus the _future._  In between past and future is the _present_, a fleeting glance, a moment."