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Mumpsimus (n). One who foolishly clings to old and familiar things.

Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis — and let advertisers target them directly - Los Angeles Times

Seems to me like the only way you could avoid doing this would be to just stop doing microtargeted advertising altogether.  The whole business model lends itself to this kind of abuse.

The known twitter plugin - finally configured.

1 min read

Well, I think I've got the Known twitter plugin working.  To get it done I had to go make myself a developer account on twitter, which involved a lot of form-filling-out, and a painful discovery that their interface for signing up didn't actually work on mobile Safari, because stupid interface stuff.  It's unfortunate it's so hard to interface with twitter through open source applications, but it is. Hopefully I can make this post automatically tweet itself...  


Rosenstrasse by Unruly Designs - Kickstarter

This looks pretty amazing. I know one of the designers from Google Plus and I trust that anything she's involved with is going to be good.




Did the thing with whatever random drawings I could easily dig up.

No, Bernie. Just no.

A taste for fat may have made us human, says study | YaleNews

I love roasted bone marrow on toast.  It's delicious.  So this makes total sense to me!

Pop Culture Uncovered: Tabletop RPG Community Boycotts Zak Smith

This is a pretty solid writeup of what's gone down this past week.  I know multiple people who suffered personal harm and social and fiancial harm from him over the years, while he manipulated other people into excusing his behavior.  I'm glad as hell this tipping point was reached, and sad as hell this is what it took to reach it.

The only interaction I've ever had with Zak (a very minor interaction, which no doubt he's forgotten) involved him turning vicious and threatening in response to any criticism. I stayed the fuck away and was never surprised when I heard about him doing harm to people, because it acccorded 100% with the read I got from him in that brief moment.

I absolutely believe Mandy, and Jennifer, and Hannah, and Vivka.



1 min read

Looking around at other interesting blog software, hey, is supposed to be prety slick, I'll try an install --


added 822 packages from 623 contributors and audited 11527 packages in 184.096s

found 3 moderate severity vulnerabilities


Jesus christ, Node.  It's just a goodamned blog

Te Tiriti o Waitangi: the comic book | The Spinoff

Really cool information for those of us who don't know much about Maori/NZ history!

Man, I haven't been on here in a week! There's been lots of stuff worth posting.

So it looks like it's impossible to leave comments on a known site except by the dubiously functional means of me reposting links to twitter or the like via, and pulling responses back in? If that's the case maybe I should start posting everything I post here to twitter? I don't know. It might be time for me to rethink how I use this blog, and consider sliding back to wordpress or the like. It'd be difficult though cause Known is super easy and fun to use.