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Mumpsimus (n). One who foolishly clings to old and familiar things.

The Moral Order of Panera | Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein

Makes the argument that Panera Cares was an incarnation of the libertarian ideology of charity, where it is up to the personal benevolence of individuals to make their own choice whether to care for the less fortunate.



fadebook Harvested Contacts From 1.5 Million Users' Private Email without Their Consent

I hate that place.  Wish it wasn't where all my family and half my closest friends are.

"Stacks" everywhere

I was heretofore unfamiliar with "stack" being used as a general buzzword for collections of resources.

Language Lessons 1994 on Vimeo

Tiu filmeto ravas min.

Mi ŝatas la homojn en ĝi. (Kvankam kelkoj estas tro kverelaj, laŭ mi, kaj senbezone mallaŭdas la aliajn lingvojn. Unu el la Esperantistoj kaj unu el la interlingvaistoj estis tia)

Mi kompatas la du Glosa-istojn, tiel solecajn, kiuj ankoraŭ kredas je ilia lingvo! Kaj mi amas la du maljunajn Volapükistojn, perfektaj anglaj ekscentruloj!

This video delights me.  I like the people in it -- although some of them are too peevish, and needlessly disparage the other languages. One of the Esperantists and one of the Interlinguists is that sort of person.

I pity the two Glosa-ists, so lonely, who still believe in their language!  And I love the two old Volapükists, who are perfect English eccentrics.

Beto O’Rourke Was Rare Vote Against Tough-on-Russia Bills After Invasion of Ukraine

When you're in a tiny clique along with Dana Rohrbacher and Alan Grayson, it's a very, very bad look.


The LaRouchian origins of today's "cultural marxism" conspiracy theory

Fascinating...  It was a disillusioned communist who first created conspiracy theories about the Frankfurt School.