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Mumpsimus (n). One who foolishly clings to old and familiar things.

No, Bernie. Just no.

Man, I haven't been on here in a week! There's been lots of stuff worth posting.

So it looks like it's impossible to leave comments on a known site except by the dubiously functional means of me reposting links to twitter or the like via, and pulling responses back in? If that's the case maybe I should start posting everything I post here to twitter? I don't know. It might be time for me to rethink how I use this blog, and consider sliding back to wordpress or the like. It'd be difficult though cause Known is super easy and fun to use.

Happy 2019!

Watched the 1955 movie "We're No Angels" last night. Highly recommended Christmas movie! Loved Peter Ustinov as Jules; he's the best, though of course Humphrey Bogart was great. (No relation to the later film with De Niro and Penn)

Merry Christmas!

Built into the assumptions of most password managers is the idea that one domain == one login. This is kind of a drag; it means if you want to run more than one webapp (say, two different CMS's for two different purposes, or other apps like a webmail app or a mastadon app) your password manager is going to get them all mushed together.

I guess domains are pretty cheap these days but it's still a drag.

Ah, a new site. Up and working.