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Mumpsimus (n). One who foolishly clings to old and familiar things.

My Cassandra moment

1 min read

The only time I've been on a radio call-in show was in 2007 when some NPR show was talking about the acquisition of Doubleclick by Google.  I was acquainted with Doubleclick because they were notoriously privacy-invasive (notorious among Slashdot-reading nerds) and when I called in I started with something like "Doubleclick is fairly well known as a kind of sleazy operation --" and the NPR talking heads cut me off instantly and went on to talk about something else.  Since then the invasive tracking and profiling that Doubleclick pioneered has gone on to ruin everything about the web.





(I'll be shown to be even more right if we ever learn as much about what Google's up to as we have about what Facebook is up to....)


La Bona Lingvo / The Good Language

1 min read

Legante libron pri la esprimpovo de Esperanto kiel nature parolata, de Claude Piron, nome La Bona Lingvo.  Tre plezura legi! 

Reading a book about the expressive power of Esperanto as it is naturally spoken, by Clausde Piron, namely The Good Language.  A great pleasure to read

Watched the 1955 movie "We're No Angels" last night. Highly recommended Christmas movie! Loved Peter Ustinov as Jules; he's the best, though of course Humphrey Bogart was great. (No relation to the later film with De Niro and Penn)

Merry Christmas!

Built into the assumptions of most password managers is the idea that one domain == one login. This is kind of a drag; it means if you want to run more than one webapp (say, two different CMS's for two different purposes, or other apps like a webmail app or a mastadon app) your password manager is going to get them all mushed together.

I guess domains are pretty cheap these days but it's still a drag.

Ah, a new site. Up and working.